Monday, August 07, 2006

Survived the Kayaking!

I made it home in one piece. Hallelujah! Just enough white water adventure for a 47 year old. There were 11 of us in our group; my husband and I along with 9 others ranging in age from 15 to 25. We kept up with them and amazingly we are not too sore today.
Here is a photo of the pieces that I made in the car on the way. I forgot to take some with me when we went kayaking so the only ones that got left were the one on the left and the one on the right. The other photo is of the elk with one hanging on his antler. Sorry it's a bit blurry. I was trying to take the picture from my car without looking too conspicuous. The other two pieces will probably be left in Columbia somewhere since I'm not planning to go anywhere else soon.
Be blessed.


jafabrit said...

oh I LOVE these, especially "let nature astound you" one. really nice. glad you had lots of fun. :)

Shari said...

I agree! Wonderful pieces. And with one left on the elk's antler, someone's GOT to notice! ;-)