Monday, August 21, 2006

Drive-in Theater Art

Saturday night we went to a local drive-in theater called the Hi-way 50 Drive-in and I left this piece in the restroom. I designed the wings and altered the girl's photo and put them together with the type on Photoshop. Then I painted the background and mounted it and attached a piece of yellow netting using the letter pieces. "Recapture Your Imagination" just seemed to fit.
We saw Talledaga Nights and it was good for a few chuckles. The children in the movie were very rude and crude and that was disturbing, but by the end they cleaned up their act. The second feature was Snakes on a Plane. We left after 10 minutes of that. It was a pretty far-fetched plot. Not worth staying up until 1:00 in the morning to see.


jafabrit said...

This is really fabulous.
My daughter and her boyfriend walked out of Talledaga Nights (which says a lot because she is a huge will ferrel fan).

ah, haven't been to the drive in for a while, but I sure would love to find your found art piece. :)

Still Waters Studio said...

You're still here? I wasn't sure when you were leaving for England. I hope that you have a wonderful visit.

Good for your daughter and her boyfriend! We probably should have walked out too. There were so many children there at the drive-in. If I had had children there I surely would have left. No wonder there are so many problems with youth these days.

DorofromKs said...

I love this!