Thursday, July 13, 2006

A big found object

She is much bigger than what I normally do for found objects, but I couldn't resist. I bought her at a garage sale for 50 cents, spray painted black, rubbed on white acrylic, then used a magic marker to doodle on her, then sealed with spray varnish. Will leave her in Yellow Springs,Ohio over the weekend sometime.

Thursday, July 06, 2006

Profound Thoughts

Haven't had time to collect rocks and don't want to buy any more rubber cockroaches (they are too popular). So decided to use a face I painted to make a sticky post- it postcard. I did a test run the other day by leaving one near a bulletin board and saw a couple laughing and the guy said cool. But he didn't take it, so I added Free Art on the front and will leave a few around town today.
For more images of found art visit my website page here.

Tuesday, July 04, 2006


Here are some photos of some of the rocks I painted today.

Leaving Rocks

I had fun tonight leaving painted rocks around Cambridge, MA. I'm in temporary housing at the moment during a relocation from St. Louis to Boston. I don't have a lot of art supplies with me, so I took an idea from another found artist and collected a few rocks. I picked up a small kit of assorted acrylics from A. C. Moore, and had a great time painting my rocks in wonderful, joyful colors. Because aerasol cans can't go into long-term storage or shipped on a moving van, I have my spray sealer in temporary housing. So I used it to seal my rocks, just in case it rains before they are found.

I had cards made up with my Found Art blog address on them -- -- but I forgot to bring some with me, so I made do with some business cards I'd had made up a while ago with the Found Art website address on them. The address and phone number are no longer accurate, so I figured this would be a good way to recycle them. Maybe someone will leave a general comment at the Found Art site for me. If not, that's ok. I had fun making them and I just know people will enjoy finding them tonight or during their July Fourth festivities tomorrow.

Saturday, July 01, 2006


FINALLY I'm organised enough to make a few ATC sized pieces of alcohol ink art to take with me when I visit Wisbech today. It would be fabulous if there was some feedback (I have to find places to leave three little beauties first though - I feel a coffee moment in the air!) - there would have been a pic if Blogger was playn ball with me - will add one when I can

Poop - never got a chance to leave them anywhere - it was a good trip though - we arrived when there was a parade (and not just for me to welcome me to the town - how disappointing!), plus the charity (thrift) shops were amazing - I got loads of vintage Ladybird books (I collect them) and an entire vintage Lotto set - with cool cards and all the number - all in their own wooden case. Kind of too good to use you know?

Anyhow - here are the pics at last