Thursday, July 06, 2006

Profound Thoughts

Haven't had time to collect rocks and don't want to buy any more rubber cockroaches (they are too popular). So decided to use a face I painted to make a sticky post- it postcard. I did a test run the other day by leaving one near a bulletin board and saw a couple laughing and the guy said cool. But he didn't take it, so I added Free Art on the front and will leave a few around town today.
For more images of found art visit my website page here.


QuillDancer said...

Uhmmm ... I just moved into this new place and before the exterminator comes tomorrow I could collect a few live cockroaches ....

Bad idea, huh? So were cockroaches. What was God thinking?

I am jealous of your talent. You draw lines and angles and they come together into beautiful pictures. I draw lines and angles and get -- lines and angles.


jafabrit said...

thanks quilldancer but No cockroaches thanks LOL! prefer the rubber one's.
all the best with your new home.

starbender said...

That is very cool looking---
I haven't seen them yet, but a friend of mine just got a whole tank full of hissing cockroaches!!!

jafabrit said...

Some people love hissing cockroaches eek! If you go to this blog entry:
there is a link to a guy who made living brooches with them for a fashion show. eeeeeeek!
anyway at the bottom of this blog there are some of my decorated rubber cockroaches :)