Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Leaving Rocks

I had fun tonight leaving painted rocks around Cambridge, MA. I'm in temporary housing at the moment during a relocation from St. Louis to Boston. I don't have a lot of art supplies with me, so I took an idea from another found artist and collected a few rocks. I picked up a small kit of assorted acrylics from A. C. Moore, and had a great time painting my rocks in wonderful, joyful colors. Because aerasol cans can't go into long-term storage or shipped on a moving van, I have my spray sealer in temporary housing. So I used it to seal my rocks, just in case it rains before they are found.

I had cards made up with my Found Art blog address on them -- http://foundart1.blogspot.com -- but I forgot to bring some with me, so I made do with some business cards I'd had made up a while ago with the Found Art website address on them. The address and phone number are no longer accurate, so I figured this would be a good way to recycle them. Maybe someone will leave a general comment at the Found Art site for me. If not, that's ok. I had fun making them and I just know people will enjoy finding them tonight or during their July Fourth festivities tomorrow.


invisible girl said...

Hey, I love your idea of re-introducing, or re-inserting these "artsy" rocks in the natural world. What a nice surprise!

It reminds me of the idea that if you do something nice for someone, then that good feeling gets passed on and on and on ... We need more of that kind of energy in the world, so thanks for inspiring us!

QuillDancer said...

What an awesome idea. You had the joy of creating, and someone else will have the joy of finding. Nice.

Thanks for stopping by my blog. Isn't Dr. John a treasure?