Wednesday, August 30, 2006

New Stuff

I'm a little late getting this post done. I left these two pieces a few days ago and didn't take time to post them. The first one has an origami kimono/shirt and says "Put on a garment of praise". I left it in my locker at the Y and two days later it was still there. I moved it to the curtained changing room and the next time it was gone. The other piece is done with a tin can lid for a frame. I found the little boy with the popsicle and green tongue and it just said summer to me, so I put letter beads that say "summer" on the hanger. I left it at a Texaco station, on the gas pump. People need a little something to cheer them up at the gas pump these days.
Enjoy your summer!
(Having trouble getting the second photo to load. Will try later)

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