Tuesday, August 08, 2006


Originally uploaded by arlee.
I'm a textile artist from BC Canada who "found" Found Art just today! I've participated in exchanges and shows of many types over the past 20 years, but never thought of this little gem of an idea to "share the wealth" so freely :}

My first piece to go out with no restrictions (like price, size or show criteria:}) can be seen on my "other" blog at http://arleeseamyside.blogspot.com/ My main work is "documented" at http://arleebarr.squarespace.com/


Still Waters Studio said...

Beautiful work! Glad to have you in the group.

Shari said...

This is some gorgeous work! Where is your "other blog"? I would love to see what you are leaving...and come and hunt it down! ;-)

emmyschoonbeek said...

this is a wonderful piece of work
Arlee is a great artist here work is ful of live and colors, I am the proud owner of some of here beautiful work