Sunday, January 20, 2013

Kid-Friendly Art

Yesterday I had a great time leaving Rocky, my pet rock, for a child to find. I went to my regular knitting group meeting. We meet on Saturday morning at Panera. I've seen a lot of kids at Panera. I hoped Rocky might be "adopted" by a child who would love having him.

I placed Rocky and his Found-Art tag on a table where I could see him from where I was sitting in our knitting group. I was curious to find out who might be attracted to a painted rock sitting in the middle of a table at Panera.

Not long after I put him there, I noticed a group of young girls gathered around the table. A couple were old enough to read, so the younger ones asked on of the older ones to read the tag. I could tell they were trying to determine if this was something they could take. One of the younger ones ran off and returned with her mother.

After reading the tag, the mother thought the intention was for Rocky to make them smile, but they should leave Rocky so he could make someone else smile. She pointed out that they could make some painted rocks like this from rocks they had at home. On one hand, I was pleased that the daughters may make some Found Art of their own, but I really wanted Rocky to have a home. Hearing their conversation made me rethink what I have on my tag. Maybe I need to reword it better to make it more obvious that the finder should take the art.

After they left I was please to see that Rocky wasn't left on the table. I hope the girls enjoy having him around and have fun painting their own rocks.

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