Thursday, December 27, 2012

New Year, New Start

Found Art was originally started over a decade ago. It was my response to 9-11. The world was full of fear and I wanted to bring about positive change. I tried peace vigils and anti-war marches, but they just weren't for me. I didn't feel that I was accomplishing anything.

For me, the experience of fear is very isolating and dark. The way for me to dispel fear is to open myself to others, and art is one way I can do this. By giving away my art, I am giving away a part of my soul. I feel good knowing that my art will likely brighten someone's day. So, with one action, I both give and receive.

I closed the Found Art site a few years ago when I was unable to maintain it. Now I have the time and better website knowledge to bring it back. This is my way of putting joy and love out into the world.
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Bestow my Art said...

So glad you decided to come back to your Found Art website. I loved it then and will love it now again!!

Shari Vogt said...

Thanks! I look forward to hearing about your Found Art adventures. ;-)