Saturday, March 03, 2007

Beaded Bookmarks

I make beaded bookmarks and I like to leave them in hospital waiting rooms and the benches outside where many people read. I just started doing this. I put the bookmarks on a piece of card stock and then into a zip lock baggie with the Found Art sticker taped to the outside.


Anonymous said...

What a lovely idea and place to leave them.

Shari said...

This is wonderful! We have had some feedback from people who have found art in hospitals and doctor's offices. One woman was so thrilled that she and her daughter both found art one day after her daughter had received chemotherapy. She said finding the art changed the focus of their day.

Even if you never receive a response from your art, know that you are really making a difference!

bobby said...

I love your idea!

Not only is it attractive, it is a useful item.

I especially like the idea of placing them in the baggies!

arlee said...

These are gorgeous!'
I *really* must get off my bazotski and back to leaving art :}

jafabrit said...

I know what you mean arlee, my friends and I have been so distracted and just haven't gotten around to it during the winter months.

Still Waters Studio said...

Looks like we are finally having some activity after a quiet spell. I'm happy to know that people are still leaving art. Hospitals are a great place to leave them.