Sunday, October 15, 2006

Leaving Lots of Art

I have been leaving Found Art, but haven't been posting here -- mostly because of time issues, but also because I didn't have any fun pics to share. In my unpacking at my new home, I found a stash of Found Art I had made months ago but had never left. So I've had a lot to leavel I've left art along the streets of Boston, in the Back Bay train station, on seats in the train, in newspaper bins, etc.

I walk to and from the train station every day. It's fun to have a handful of art and search for places to leave it along my route. I left one piece under the windshield wiper on a car. I hope they didn't think it was a ticket at first. The car behind this one had a bright orange ticket. My art was green, so it shouldn't have been confused with a ticket...I hope. Didn't want to give someone a heartattack on the way to their car.

When I found my stash of Found Art, I found a few I had made for the Christmas season that was never left last year. Now I have something to start with this year. When I make art for the Christmas season, I try to make it something anyone could enjoy -- no matter if they celebrate the holiday or not. The pieces I found mention slowing down during this hectic season and watching for the return of light.

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