Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Hi there from Ohio

Well the decorated rubber cockroaches were a hit, but I can't afford to keep buying them . I decided to try out decoupage on stones. Hum, maybe I will even print out pics of my cockroaches or some of my own artwork and decoupage them on stones. I do love those cockroaches though lol!
It was kind of neat to walk into a couple of local stores and see my cockroaches sitting on the counter next to the cash register. One shop owner said he found it outside and thought it a hoot.


Still Waters Studio said...

Hmmm...I've always liked rocks and bugs. Maybe I'll see what I can come up with too.

Shari said...

That's great that you saw someone with your art! Cool!

Your stones are nice, too. I want to do something with stones and I keep forgetting that all I need is to take a walk and look for stones, then get out my paints. It's simple! I just need to do it!

FoundArt said...

Thanks again for the rock idea. I left a few painted rocks tonight and picked up a few more for decorating. How fun! I only wish I had remembered to take photos of them.

Shari said...

I painted some more rocks today. You can see pictures of them on my Found Art blog.
I love playing with bright colors and hope they give people a smile.

The rocks I find here are not smooth. If I find one, I may have to try decoupaging on it.